Wesley So wins 2nd ACP Golden Classic

Wesley draws Brunello to secure the first place

Wesley So won the 2nd ACP Golden Classic with 4.5 out 6. The Philippine played a short draw against Sabino Brunello in the 7th round, which secured him the first place and its special prize: a gold bar. Thanks to his tournament performance of 2844, So gained 7.6 rating points, jumping to the 12th place of the world ranking with a rating of 2755. In the other games, Zoltan Almasi beat Emil Sutovsky, while Daniele Vocaturo passed the lanterne rouge to Ian Nepomniachtchi.


Place PointsTPRRating
1Wesley So 2844+7,6
2Baadur Jobava 2714+0,4
3Zoltan Almasi32660-2,7
4Emil Sutovsky32672+4,3
5Daniele Vocaturo2621+2,6
6Sabino Brunello2624+3,9
7Ian Nepomniachtchi 22529-16,1


ACP Golden Classic


Sabino Brunello - Wesley So (Draw)

Wesley So and Brunello played a lsolid ine in semi-Slav defense, which is known for its drawish structure. After twenty moves the draw was agreed.

Wesley So

Wesley So.

Sabino Brunello

Sabino Brunello. 





Emil Sutovsky - Zoltan Almasi (0-1)


Zoltan Almasi thinking about his next move while Sutovsky is walking around the playing hall. 




Ian Nepomniachtchi and Daniele Vocaturo staring at the board. 


Ian Nepomniachtchi - Daniele Vocaturo (0-1)


Daniele Vocaturo

Daniele Vocaturo. 


Ian Nepomniachtchi. 



Results of the 7th round: 

  • Sabino Brunello - Wesley So (Draw)
  • Emil Sutovsky - Zoltan Almasi (0-1)
  • Ian Nepomniachtchi - Daniele Vocaturo (0-1)
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