Two adjournments in round 5: Jobava seems to be winning

Tennis umpire Carlos Bernardes opens the 5th round

The five hour session of the fifth round left us with two adjourned games: Brunello-Vocaturo, where black has an edge and Jobava-Amlasi, which seems to be winning for the Georgian. The game between Nepomniachtchi and Sutovsky ended in a draw, while tournament leader Wesley So enjoyed his day off.

The first game of the round to finish was between Ian Nepomniachtchi and Emil Sutovsky. The israeli was well prepared in the opening and played in a quite agressive style, forcing his opponent to regroup his pieces to defense. Despite this fact, Sutovsky couldn't convert his adventage into material, and Ian took over the initiative. In rook ending Sutovsky make some accurate moves, after which the draw was agreed. According to GM Axel Rombaldoni the draw was a fair result after tough fight.

The game between Jobava and Almasi started with an italian opening. After some moves, Jobava won a pawn with Bxa5 and Qxf3, which was compensated by white's bishop pair. Step by step, Jobava started pressing and improved his position to a winning one in the endgame with a pawn up without compensation at all. After almost five hours, the game was adjourned and will be finished on Saturday the 19th.

The third game was between two raising italian chess players, Sabino Brunello and Daniele Vocaturo. Directly from the opening, Vocaturo played an agressive plan in the King's Indian, which involved a pawn sacrifice. Later on, Brunello decided to return the favor, but it didn't prevent Vocaturo from improving his position. The game was adjourned in a quite better position for Vocaturo, who is a pawn up and has the advantage of the bishop pair in the endgame. 

In the previous two rounds, two sport legends from Bergamo visited the ACP Golden Classic to make the inaugural move. For the 5th round, top class tennis umpire Carlos Bernardes, who lives in Bergamo, paid a visit to the chess tournament, just after arriving home from Wimbeldon. Bernardes arbitrated some of the biggest tennis clashes in the recent years, including games between Nadal and Federer. The Brazilian made the first move at the board of Sabino Brunello and Daniele Vocaturo.



Carlos Bernardes with Zoltan Almasi. 


Baadur Jobava - Zoltan Almasi (Adjourned)




Baadur Jobava

Baadur Jobava. "I never analyzed this opening lines before. I simply played the position and went on till the end."

Zoltan Almasi

Zoltan Almasi. "I was quite angry with myself. During the preparation I saw one game in which Radjabov played Qd7 and got a good position. I tried to play the same idea in our game but there where some differences, so I wasn't sure. I couldn't realise that I can simply take the rook on a1, after which I am quite better." 


Sabino Brunello - Daniele Vocaturo (Game adjourned)




Daniele Vocaturo

Daniele Vocaturo about not having eye contact with Sabino Brunello before the game. "I was too focused on the board and on the game that I didn't care about other things. 


Sabino Brunello

Sabino Brunello tried to keep the pressure during the opening but then made some mistakes. As he said, "everything went badly. I took a pawn out of desperation as I had a really worse position. I also underestimated some opportunites because the bishop pair is really strong."  


Emil Sutovsky - Ian Nepomniachtchi (1/2-1/2)




Emil Sutovsky against Ian Nepomniachtchi. © Antonio Milesi

Ian Nepomniachtchi

Ian Nepomniachtchi tried not to entry in the main lines of the sicilian and went to a curious variation. "If I wanted to make a draw I could have played 3...Bd7 but I tried for more and played 3...Cbd7 so as to have some fight.  © Antonio Milesi

Emil Sutovsky

Emil Sutovsky played the opening in quite an aggressive style, but finally was not able to win the game. "I played properly but not strong enough to win the game. I believe that at some points, white has some advantage but if black plays well, the position is not really clear."


Results of the 5th round:

  • Jobava-Almasi (Adjourned)
  • Brunello-Vocaturo (Adjourned)
  • Sutovsky-Nepomniachtchi (Draw)
Place GamesPoints
1Wesley So 43
2Baadur Jobava 4
3Emil Sutovsky 42
4Ian Nepomniachtchi 52
5-6Sabino Brunello3
 Zoltan Almasi3
7Daniele Vocaturo3½


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