The three adjourned games have been played

Jobava-Almasi (1-0), Brunello-Vocaturo (0-1) and Almasi-Brunello (Draw)

For three players a sunny rest day was in front of them today, before the last round starts on Sunday. However, four of them still had to play the adjourned games of the fifth and sixth rounds. The two first games that have been played were Jobava-Almasi and Brunello-Vocaturo. Jobava had already a winning position from the first period and it was only a question of technique (or remembering lines) to secure to point. The game between the two young Italian grandmasters was more interesting, and developed as a fight that lasted nearly two hours, which brought the total playing time to almost seven hours. Vocaturo had converted his advantage in the endgame and managed to win.

Thanks to a 30-minutes rest, Brunello recharged his energy and played his game against Almasi. He had a slightly advantage in the middle game and thanks to his active play he seized his iniative. A few moves later Brunello sacrificed the exchange (rook for knight), but it didn't help and the position became equal. Finally the draw was agreed. 

* Tomorrow the last round will be played with the following pairings: Sabino Brunello-Wesley So, Emil Sutovsky-Zoltan Almasi and Ian Nepomniachtchi-Daniele Vocaturo, while Baadur Jobava will be doing live commentary of the games on the website. 


Baadur Jobava - Zoltan Almasi (1-0)


Baadur Jobava

Baadur Jobava, smiling before his win against Zoltan Almasi.

The game started in this adjourned position after 51...f5


Sabino Brunello - Daniele Vocaturo

Sabino Brunello and Daniele Vocaturo really focused at the start of the adjourned game.

Sabino Brunello - Daniele Vocaturo (0-1)


Today's game started with this adjourned position after 45.Be4



Zoltan Almasi - Sabino Brunello (Draw)


Zoltan Almasi

Zoltan Almasi. 

The game started after being adjourned yesterday at 40...Qa4.


Results of the adjourned games: 

  • Baadur Jobava - Zoltan Almasi (1-0)
  • Sabino Brunello - Daniele Vocaturo (0-1)
  • Zoltan Almasi - Sabino Brunello (Draw)
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