Quick wins for Nepomniachtchi and Jobava in round 4

Motorcycle legend Giacomo Agostini opens the round

The 4th round of the ACP Golden Classic was opened by living legend Giacomo Agostini, fifteen times World Champion in motorcycling, one of Bergamo's most popular citizens and a role model for the young generation of Italian racers. Agostini received a silver bar with the inscription of the tournament from Oscar Olivari, representative of Mario Villa, and made the inaugural move on the board of Vocaturo and Jobava: first 1.Qd4, which he quickly corrected to 1.d4. His best wishes for the Italian player didn't help, as Vocaturo lost to Baadur Jobava in 34 moves. It was a bad day for the Italians anyway, as Sabino Brunello lost to Ian Nepomniachtchi in barely two hours. The game between Zoltan Almasi and Wesley So ended in a draw. Today's round finished in less than 3 hours, which is highlt unique with a time control of 150 minutes for the first 40 moves, followed by 60 minutes for the next 16 moves, followed by 15 minutes to finish the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move in the last period


ACP Golden Classic


ACP Golden Classic


ACP Golden Classic

Giacomo Agostini. 


Yuri Garrett

Yuri Garrett with Giacono Agostini.


When the round was rolling, Agostini was interviewed by the tournament director Yuri Garrett. He explaind the importance of the ACP Golden Classis for the city of Bergamo and he shared some interesting similarites between motorcycling and chess, in terms of preparation, study the opponents.


Ian Nepomniachtchi - Sabino Brunello (1-0)

Nepomniachtchi-Brunello was the first game to end, after just 2 hours. Despite having a good position after the opening, black collapsed and lost a piece after a good manoeuvre of Nepomniachtchi. After the game, both players expressed their opinion about the game: 

Ian Nepomniachtchi: "Fortunately you can make some sensible moves in the Caro-Kann. I got a familiar position and I don’t think I got into any big trouble in the opening. Anyway, before the mistake of my opponent, the position was just unclear." 

Sabino Brunello: "Sometimes just everything goes wrong.”


Ian Nepomniachtchi

Ian Nepomniachtchi.

Sabino Brunello

Sabino Brunello just after resignation




ACP Golden Classic

Daniele Vocaturo - Baadur Jobava (0-1)

Vocaturo showed a good preparation against Jobava and obtained a small advantage after opening. When the young Italian made a mistake with 14.Ne4 (instead of the recommended 14.0-0-0 by Emil Sutovsky),  Jobava got the initiative. Some moves later, the Georgian coordinated his rooks along the h-file and won a pawn. Vocaturo tried to resist but couldn't hold the pressure and resigned after 34 moves. 

During the press conference Vocaturo admitted he didn’t understand the postion properly. He focussed too much on the static factors such as bishop pair and pawn structure, while underestimating Jobava’s activity. "It was not too late probably as I was a bit better, but i didn’t stand and my position collapsed. Just too much activity"
Vocaturo scored half out of three games. Regarding the tournament, Vocaturo realises he is facing strong opponents, but he is more or less happy with his games against Wesley So and Zoltan Almasi. “When you analyse with then, you really feel their strength. It is another level, really. It is a nice experience."

Baadur Jobava made the following appreciations of the game: “It was interesting opening. Daniele played Qxd8+ and white goes for some normal ideas ideas, the position would be quite uncomfortable for black. This is why I changed and went for Be6 which is at least tempting. After, Daniele missed some moves in the critical moments and I obtained a better position. After that, I kept the pressure in the endgame and finally managed to win." 


ACP Golden Classic

Daniele Vocaturo

Baadur Jobava

Baadur Jobava in deep concentration


Zoltan Almasi - Wesley So (1/2-1/2)


Zoltan Almasi

Zoltan Almasi. © Antonio Milesi


Wesley So

Wesley So. 



GM Axel Rombaldoni providing live commentary. 


FIDE Vice President Israel Gelfer also paid Bergamo a visit. He spoke about the tournament, the Anti Cheating Commitee he is chairing and the recent developments in the Tromsø Olympiad. 

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