Emil Sutovsky

Emil Sutovsky was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 19 September 1977, but has been an Israeli citizen ever since 1991. He learnt chess at the age of 4 and never stopped ever since. He first broke news in 1996 by winning the World Youth Championship in Medellin, Colombia. His subsequent wins at Hoogeveen 1997 and Hastings 2000 could be seen as an announcement for what remains of of Emil’s major successes in career, and one of the greatest achievements by an Israeli chess player ever: the victory in the second European Championship held in Ohrid, Macedonia in 2001. While ranked 43rd in a field of 204 players, over 140 of whom Grandmaster, Sutovsky cleared the field in great style. In 2005 he shared first at the “GibTelecom Masters” in Gibraltar with Levon Aronian, currently ranked #2 in the world, Zahar Efimenko, Kiril Georgiev and Aleksej Shirov, before winning the “Aeroflot” Open in Moscow ahead of a very strong field as usual. He represented Israel in eight Olympiads between 1996 and 2012, and in 2010 he won a gold medal on Board 2 with the highest performance ever in an Olympiad. In December 2011 Sutovsky was elected president of the Association of Chess Professionals and started a process of deep restructuring of the ACP which nowadays counts as much as 1000 members. While his all-time best dates back to January 2012 (2703), his current rating sows some fatigue and is as low as 2625, a level Grandmaster Sutovsky did not touch since 2006 (and 2001 before that).


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