Daniele Vocaturo

Daniele Vocaturo was born in Vitinia, near Rome, on 16 December 1989. He first met chess at school, where the local club was organising classes. Under the guide of GM Lexy Ortega, Daniele became an IM at 16, was the runner up at the Italian U16 Championship in 2005, and was a member, together with Sabino Brunello, of the Italy 2 team that won a gold medal at the 2006 Turin Olympiad. After high school, Daniele turned to chess as a profession and in 2008 started to work with Yuri Garrett and Mihail Marin in his quest to the GM title. In that same year he won two open tournaments in Sautron, France, and Turin. In May 2009 he earned his GM title at Garrett’s “home tournament” of Porto Mannu, after leaving the world in awe for his gem against GM Hillarp-Persson at the Reykjavik Open, where he had also scored his second GM norm. In 2010 he won three prestigious open events in Thessaloniki, Balaguer, and Hoogeveen. He played for the Italian team at the 2010 and 2012 Olympiads (on board three and four, respectively), and will be a member of the team in 2014 as well. In January 2011 he won the Tata Steel Chess C tournament in Wijk aan Zee with one round to spare. Few months later he decided to enroll at university, but before that he found time to win his first Italian league with Scavolini Pesaro. Due to his university commitments he slowed down with chess in the following years, but nevertheless continued to play in his spare time: in 2013 and 2014 he won other two Italian leagues with Padova and the Italian rapid championship.


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