Pairings of the first round announced

Almasi-Nepomniachtchi, So-Sutovsky, Jobava-Brunello

In the San Marco Hotel in Bergamo the opening ceremony of the 2nd ACP Golden Classic took place. The event was well attended by sponsors, press and the players. 


ACP Golden Classic

General view of the room where the opening ceremony has taken place. 

The first speaker was Mr. Yuri Garrett, the director of the tournament, who pointed out the importance of the ACP Golden Classic for the chess world and for the city of Bergamo and Italy. He thanked all the sponsors who made this stong and unique event possible.
Mr. Garrett's speech was followed by Mr. Gianvittorio Perico. 


Mr. Yuri Garrett and Mr. Gianvittorio Perico, the organizers of the ACP Golden Classic. 

The drawing of lots was performed by the players who had to pick a white pawn from the board. The number sticked under the pawn declared their pairing numbers. 

ACP Golden Classic

Wesley So showing to the spectators his pawn: number three. 

Just after this drawing of lots the technical meeting was scheduled to stress the regulations of adjournments, which can be found here.

Wesley So

Wesley So

Emil Sutovsky

Emil Sutovsky. 

Ian Nepomniachtchi

Ian Nepomniachtchi.

Daniele Vocaturo

Daniele Vocaturo. 

Sabino Brunello

Sabino Brunello. 

ACP Golden Classic

Zoltan Almasi, Wesley So and Ian Nepomniachtchi at the technical meeting.

ACP Golden Classic

Group photo of all the participants and main organizers of the ACP Golden Classic.

The opening ceremony was under the revision of the main arbiter, who wrote down the pairings of the first round. 

ACP Golden Classic

Hand-made pairings of the first round of the tournament.

After a long day with a lot of travel and preparations, the players and team members of the ACP Golden Classic attened the pre-dinner cocktail to gain some energy for tomorrow's game. 

ACP Golden Classic

Panoramic photo of all the players and organizers with a beautiful sight of the upper town of Bergamo.

Pairings of the 1st round of the ACP Golden Classic

  • (2) Zoltan Almasi - (7) Ian Nepomniachtchi
  • (3) Wesley So - (6) Emil Sutovsky
  • (4) Baadur Jobava - (5) Sabino Brunello
  • (1) Daniele Vocaturo (Bye - Will help in the commentary room). 
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