ACP Registration Form

A chess player having the FIDE title of International Master (IM or WIM) or International Grandmaster (GM or WGM) should register his/her account and will automatically become a member upon the payment of the membership fee.

A player having none of the above mentioned titles may apply for admission. He/She will have to address an application to the ACP Board in order to prove that chess constitutes an important part of his/her professional activity, whether he/she is chess trainers, chess teachers, chess journalists, presidents of chess clubs, etc. This list is not exhaustive.

His/Her admission will be submitted to the approval of the Board and, in case of acceptance, he/she will have to pay the annual fee as the other members.

The ACP membership and fee structure is divided into the following catagories:

1.  ACP Premium members  € 100
2.  ACP Standard members  € 30

We hope that the majority of chess professionals will support our efforts and will join the Association.

If you can't afford an ACP Membership or you don't meet requirements described in the ACP Statutes you may still support the ACP by becoming a member of the ACP Club. It is free.

To join the ACP Club you only need to register on the ACP Website.

Learn more about the ACP membership and fee structure here.

An annual membership fee can be paid by money transfer to the ACP bank account or the ACP Paypal account, or by paying directly to one of the members of the ACP Board.


1. ACP bank account:

For international transfers:

IBAN: FR49 3000 2004 8200 0000 5750 J46 
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): CRLYFRPP 
Bank: Credit Lyonnais 
Account holder: ACP 
Address: 9 rue de l`asile Popincourt, 75011 Paris, France

For transfers in France:

Code Banque: 30002 
Code Guichet: 00482 
Numéro de Compte: 0000005750J 
Clé RIB: 46 
Domiciliation: Credit Lyonnais, Paris Sully 
Titulaire du compte: ACP 
Adresse: 9 rue de l`asile Popincourt, 75011 Paris

2. ACP Paypal account:

By making a money transfer to the ACP Paypal account using the following e-mail address:

3. ACP Board Members:

PRESIDENT – Alex Colovic -
GENERAL SECRETARY – Bojana Bejatovic -
TREASURER – Laurent Freyd -
ACP TOUR DIRECTOR – Pavel Tregubov -
Jesús García Valer
Gunnar Bjornsson
Sergei Beshukov
Aleksandra Dimitrijevic

The red fields marked * are obligatory to fill out. By submitting this form, you indicate that you agree to Association of Chess Professionals Terms of Service.

Please note that accounts are not activated automatically, so it may take a while before your name will be published on the list of ACP members.