International Tournament "City of Bergamo"

Bergamo, the city of chess

Bergamo is hosting these days the ACP Golden Classic, one of the strongest tournaments in Italy with some of the best chess players in the world (Wesley So, Sabino Brunello, Baadur Jobava, Emil Sutovsky, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Daniel Vocaturo and Zoltan Almasi). These tournament is being played in Bergamo, the city that will also host the International Tournament "City of Bergamo", a very important tournament with nearly two hundred players from all over the world (from Grandmasters to amateurs) which will take place between de 18 and the 20 of July. 

International Tournament City of Bergamo

Photo of one of the past editions with a large number of players and spectators. 

In this 2014 edition, the tournament already counts with +170 pre-registered players, including 5 Grandmasters, 2 International Masters from very different countries. All of them are divided in 4 groups (Elite, Challenge, Rising and under16). 

As you will be able to see on the official website, there is a hall of hame with all the winners of past editions. Last year, for example, the winner of the Elite tournament was the italian Grandmaster Sabino Brunello, who is participating this year on the ACP Golden Classic, followed by Kiril Georgiev from Bulgaria and Ivan Ivanisevic from Croatia. 

The conclusion of this tournament is whether you are a Grandmaster or an amateur chess player, you will enjoy these days on a very beautiful city and you will be able to share your passion with other chess players from all over the world. 


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