ACP Golden Classic kicks off with three fighting draws

Jobava-Brunello agreed a draw after adjourning

In general chess players are quite conservative in the first round of a tournament to get used to the playing hall, the new conditions. However, the players from the ACP Golden Classic enetred the playing hall in real fighting spirit, which left us with some amazing games, queen sacrifices and very imaginative moves. All three games have finished in a draw, two of them in the first three hours, while Baadur Jobava - Sabino Brunello completed the entire playing time of five hours.

Zoltan Almasi - Ian Nepomniachtchi (Draw)

Ian Nepomniachtchi tried to press his opponent and traded his queen for a rook, a piece and one pawn. Despite having some compensation, white was under pressure. After a long fight the players agreed to draw.


Zoltan Almasi and Ian Nepomniachtchi shaking hands just before the game. 

ACP Golden CLassic

Ian Nepomniachtchi really focused on the game. 

Ian Nepomniachtchi about the game: "My feelings are really mixed. I think my opponent played some innacuracies and there was an important moment where I was nearly to have a serious advantage or at least some initiative. After that I blundered and my position got not much better. Anyway, I had an extra pawn and I couldn't be worse anyway. Then, he offered a draw. I tried to press still the end but didn't managed to obtain a decisive advantage so the draw was agreed." 


Wesley So - Emil Sutovsky (Draw)

Wesley So and Emil Sutovsky agreed to draw in 23 moves after reaching an equal endgame. 

Emil Sutovsky

Emil Sutovsky and Wesley So with the first two moves already done on the board.

Wesley So

Wesley So writing one of his first moves.

Wesley So about jetlag: "Although I arrived yesterday, I'm doing fine. I have to play more aggressive. Today I didn't get any chances".

Emil Sutovsky

Emil Sutovsky just a few minutes before the game. 

Emil Sutovsky about the tournament: "Italy made progress as a chess power. It was a lack of strong tournament after Reggio Emilia and this tournament is chaning the situation. The organisation is very good and I'm loving Italy." 


Baadur Jobava - Sabino Brunello

Baadur Jobava and Sabino Brunello delighted all the audience in the Auditorium with an exciting 5 hour fight. Both players made really good plans and moves and showed real tenacity and ambition to win the game. At the end, none of both got it and the game was adjourned and eventually agreed to a draw.

Sabino Brunello

Sabino Brunello looking directly to the move of his opponent. 

Brunello about his game: "Qb2 was the sealed move. Everything was quite forced. The pawn of b7 was so strong and I could do nothing against the perpetual check." 

Baadur Jobava

Baadur Jobava, looking always fresh, happy and with a smile on his face. 

Baadur Jobava about his game: "First rounds are always difficult for me and today I had a strong opponent, Sabino Brunello, who is progressing really fast. I think we actually played an interesting game. There were some critical moments where both players could have played more accurately but I think it was a nice game for the first round of this tournament".


Pairings of round 2 of ACP Golden Classic: 

  • Emil Sutovsky - Baadur Jobava 
  • Ian Nepomniachtchi - Wesley So
  • Daniele Vocaturo - Zoltan Almasi 
  • Sabino Brunello (Bye - will help in the commentary room). 
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