2nd round just started

Sutovsky-Jobava, Nepomniachtchi-So and Vocaturo-Almasi

The 2nd round of the ACP Golden Classic has just started with the following pairings. While Sutovsky is facing Jobava and Vocaturo is facing Almasi, there is a young generation encounter between Nepomniachtchi and Wesley So. The live games are presented on the web page with computer analysis and live comments by Sabino Brunello. Also you can see all the interviews, photo galleries, videos and all the material that is being upload every round.

2nd round of the ACP Golden Classic just started

ACP Golden Classic


Sutovsky-Jobava (Click to follow the Live Game)

ACP Golden Classic

Emil Sutovsky pondering for the best move against Baadur Jobava. 

Nepomniachtchi-So (Click to follow the Live Game)

Wesley So

Wesley So and the main arbiter working hard. 

Vocaturo-Almasi (Click to follow the Live Game)


Daniele Vocaturo really concentrated on his game against Zoltan Almasi.

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